Human rights-based community practice in the United States

 Human Rights-Based Community Practice in the United States Kathryn Libal and Scott Harding Series: S… SpringerBriefs in Human Rights and Social Work Series Editor: Shirley Gatenio Gabel A transformative model for community social work rooted in basic social and economic rights is the basis of this timely (Human rights-based community).

With specific chapters spotlighting the rights to health care, nutritious food, and adequate and affordable housing, the book describes in depth the role of community practice in securing rights for underserved and vulnerable groups and models key aspects of rights-based work such as empowerment, participation, and collaboration(Human rights-based community).

Case examples relate local struggles to larger regional and statewide campaigns, illustrating ways the book’s framework can inform policymakers and improve social structures in the larger community. This rights-based perspective contrasts sharply with the deficits-based approach commonly employed in community social work, and has the potential to inspire new strategies for addressing systemic social inequality. (Human rights-based community)

Features of Human Rights-Based Community Practice in the United States: A conceptual basis for a rights-based approach to community practice(Human rights-based community).

Detailed analysis of legal and social barriers to health care, housing, and food. Examples of effective and emerging rights-based community interventions. Methods for assessing the state of human rights at the community level. Documents, discussion questions, resource lists, and other valuable tools.

By: Kathryn R. Libal, Scott Harding

Year : 2015

انتشارات نو آوران دانش با هدف ارتقای سطح علمی و آموزشی آغاز به فعالیت نموده و آماده ارائه خدمات ، سفارش چاپ کتاب ، خدمات چاپ کتاب ،و خدمات دیگر را با کیفیت بالا و به صورت تضمینی انجام می دهد.

جهت ثبت سفارش و مشاوره رایگان جهت چاپ کتاب و ویراستاری با شماره های ذیل تماس حاصل فرمایید.